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At the same time, I continued my interest in drawing and worked as an animating cartoonist for Saturday morning cartoons (Superman, Batman, and Archie). My personal heroes of the art world have actually been illustrators, but of a different era.  I have always admired N.C. Wyeth, Dean Cornwall, Schoonover, and the many other artists of the golden age of illustration. 

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I work in pencil, marker, pastels, water color, and acrylic, and sometimes object-oriented computer graphics. My focus is primarily on the emotive and often humorous actions and interactions of people, and sometimes those of animals and other characters.

This website includes a variety of samples of the kind of work I am doing now, grouped in separate galleries by format, not by subject matter. Most of my work is figurative, some realistic and some cartoon-like. Originally, I studied sculpture at UCLA in the 60's under John McCracken  and was honored to work and show under his mentorship as a very, very minor member of the minimalist school in Los Angeles, also in the 60's. 

After military service during the Viet Nam era, I left off working as an artist and eventually completed a career in emergency services training. But upon retiring a few years ago, I was able to return to my first love - figurative drawing and illustration- after a break of more than 30 years.  My work today is available for sale in archival signed and numbered edition giclee prints in a range of sizes, both unframed and framed.  Please refer to the contact page for show schedules and more information on print ordering

I live and work in Gettysburg, PA. I can be reached by email at and by phone at 717-357-1209.  In addition to this website focusing on my artwork, more information about my training development work is on another website .

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