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William Dean Lewis


These figures are examples of object-oriented computer drawings done in Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator. For more information on these and related computer-generated graphics, please see the training game board section of my educational materials website wlewistraining.com .


Most of the full color works are mixed media, and are a combination of colored pencils, Ad markers, ink, pastels, water colors, and acrylics.  They are available in numbered and signed 200 limited edition giclee prints ready for framing in sizes 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 13 x 19.  They are also available framed on request. Please see ordering page for prices.  Some of the originals are also available (prices on request).


Lenticular images are two images that are digitally combined in such a way that, when adhered to the back side of a clear plastic screen with a lenticular grid, both images alternate visibility depending on viewer movement and/or movement of the picture itself.  The alternating image below replicates the appearance of  and image shift in the actual finished piece when printed, framed, and hung on the wall. Lenticular prints of this piece, entitled "Money and Politics", are only available in 8 x 10 sizes ready for framing.

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