Easels in Frederick, Md, 2016  Quick Draw 

This is a drawing of a young boy who was looking at his smart phone while sitting on the beautiful statue by George Lundeen of other children looking at an actual book. In front of the library in Frederick, Maryland.

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Easels in Frederick, Md, 2015  Quick Draw 

Artist William Cochran painted a series of stunning angel murals on buildings in Frederck, Md.  (see insert).

This is a drawing of a young man who looked to me to be quite moved by Cochran's "Earthbound Angel" painting.

Easton, Md  

2015 Quick Draw 

Saw a couple having breakfast at the Tidewater Inn. She went into this comic routine when he persisted in looking at his mini-ipad during the meal. 

Plein Air Quick Draw 

The "Plein Air" genre today involves making impressionist-style paintings- usually of picturesque landscapes and cityscape scenes- done outside in natural light and usually with acryllics, oils, pastels, and/or colored pencil.  I have never been able to do that well and am not remotely a "plein air artist" at all by that definition of the genre.  But I have found I really enjoy the Quick Draw events that often accompany Plein Air gatherings, and attend whenever I can to draw the people I see at those events.  The atmosphere is a lot of fun, and I find the 2 hour time limit stimulating. Below are six  quickdraw event drawings I have done in the last few years,   using  colored pencil, ad marker, pastels, charcoal, and watercolors.  My subjects are always the people I see at the events rather than the traditional plein air scenic compositions- a bit of a misfit for the genre but a lot of fun nonetheless.  Please click on the images to see an enlarged copy.  All pieces are available as signed and numbered edition Giclee prints, ready for framing. Please see Contact page for prices and information.

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William Dean Lewis

Camp Hill, PA  

2015 Quick Draw 

This is a drawing of an artist who set up next to me during the Quick Draw. He was enjoying himself, meticulously painting a scene in the park. 

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Plein Air 

Artist / Illustrator

Easels in Frederick, MD

2014 Quick Draw 

This is a drawing of two men who were arguing on Patrick Street. I think the argument was about the economy, although neither of them looked very financially astute to me.

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Color Work

Camp Hill, PA  

2014 Quick Draw 

This is a drawing of a flower and plant seller who had a booth at the event. The buyers are examining one of the plants- in the end they didnt actually buy anything.

The drawing won 3rd place.

Easels in Frederick, MD

2013 Quick Draw 

This is a drawing of a passer-by overlooking the work of one of the plein air artists in front of Lola's restaurant. Some days, everyone's an art critic....

The drawing won 2nd place.